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  What is Blepharitis?
This is an extremely common condition that affects the eyelids. It is due to bacteria building up on the eyelashes and oil glands which lie behind the eyelashes. The bacteria and excess build-up of skin cells lead to irritation.
The oil glands also become blocked. This leads to poor quality tears.

What are the symptoms?

The eyes may become irritating, watery and red. The eyelids may become red, swollen and uncomfortable.

What is the treatment?

  1. We advise hot bathing with hot flannels and an “ Eye bag”- click for details. Cleaning with special solutions may also help.
  2. Supplementation of the poor quality tears with artificial tears.
  3. Short courses of antibiotic tablets and/ or steroids may be required in severe cases.





Can Blepharitis be cured?

There is no definite cure. It is a condition that requires control and may flare up from time to time, a little like Eczema.


Chronic inflammation affecting either (1) eyelid or (2) the hair follicles  and meibomian glands

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