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  What is a Chalazion?
A Chalazion is a lump within the eyelid. It is due to a blocked oil gland. The oil glands are known as Meibomian Glands. Chalazions are benign

How are they caused?

There is usually an underlying condition known as Blepharitis. This may lead to blockage of the oil glands.

What is the treatment?

The cyst should be encouraged to discharge its contents. Heat treatment and massage may help. An “Eye bag” and special cleaning fluids for the eyelids may be useful.







What happens if the cyst does not get better?

A small surgical procedure can usually empty the cyst. The surgery is usually undertaken under local anaesthetic as a day case.

What can I do to prevent further cysts?

It is important to control the underlying Blepharitis. Your specialist can advise you regarding any ongoing treatment. There is no cure for Blepharitis. It can be compared to Eczema – it can be controlled but not cured.



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