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Contact Lens Related Infections
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  Contact Lens Related Infections
Contact lens wear may result in an infection of the underlying cornea, the “clear window of the eye” on which the lens sits.

What are the symptoms?

The patient wears contact lenses. The eye becomes painful, red and watering. The vision may become blurred and there may be sensitivity to light. There may be a white spot on the cornea.

What is the treatment?

Stop wearing contact lenses immediately and consult an eye specialist. Take the contact lenses and case with you to your appointment in case the specialist needs to examine them. Your specialist may start intensive antibiotic drops. Samples may be taken from the cornea to determine the actual infecting agent.








What is the prognosis?

If caught early, the prognosis is generally very good and most infections can be treated. However, if the infection is caught later there may be permanent scarring and loss of vision. In mild cases it is usually possible to resume contact lens wear after treatment.





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