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Children's conditions

Eyelid Lumps
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  Eyelid Lumps
Lumps and bumps around the eyelid area are very common. Many resolve spontaneously such as a blocked oil gland (Chalazion). Any lump which is persistent, enlarging, or discharging should be investigated to rule out anything which may be sinister. Patients who are fair-skinned or who have a history of rodent ulcers or basal cell carcinomas should be especially vigilant.

What are the symptoms?

Lumps can be painless of painful. They can be any colour – skin coloured, yellow, white, black, red. Lumps can discharge or bleed, they can be itchy. They can grow quickly or very slowly.







What is the treatment?

This depends on the likely diagnosis. Many simple cysts spontaneously discharge. Some will require draining. Any suspicious or unusual features will prompt a biopsy to obtain a definitive diagnosis. If the lump proves to be cancerous your consultant will discuss all the options with you. Most eyelid cancers can be cured.



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