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  What are Heavy and Droopy eyelids (Blepharoptosis)?
The eyelid itself can droop to cover part of the pupil. This reduces vision and the amount of light that can enter the eye, this is known as a “ptosis”, pronounced “Tosis”. The skin in the upper lid can also droop and cover the eyelid and also part of the eye. There may be swelling and puffiness of the eyelids. This results in the same symptoms.

What are the symptoms?

Heavy, drooping eyelids. The Eyebrow region can overact giving rise to headaches and brow-ache. The upper vision can be reduced and this can be demonstrated with a visual field test.






What is the treatment?

The treatment usually involves surgery. This may lift the actual eyelid and also remove any drooping eyelid skin. There is usually a functional benefit which may be reduced brow-aches and increase in the quality of vision. There is often also an aesthetic benefit – patients’ eyelids may be restored to their previous position, sagginess and puffiness may be reduced.


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