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Visual Development
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  Visual Development
Babies are born with very crude vision. Over the course of the first few years their vision is stimulated to develop. Development can be delayed for the following reasons:

  1. If there is a pathological disease of the retina – examples are inherited conditions, congenital abnormalities and retinal disease caused by prematurity. Treatment for this would be directed at the cause.
  2. If there is a squint the brain may choose to ignore the image from one eye. This eye may then have reduced vision (Amblyopia). Treatment for this would be directed at encouraging the eye which is not being used, which can also be known as a “lazy eye”, to be used. This may involve patching, glasses and/or eye muscle surgery.
  3. If the picture seen is blurred. For example this may be due to Cataract or an uncorrected glasses prescription. Treatment for this would treat the cause of the blurred vision – for example by prescribing glasses.



It is extremely important that any babies with risk factors for reduced vision have their vision checked regularly to ensure appropriate development. Any children with a family history of any of the above should have their vision monitored. Most children with no risk factors will have an eye test at age 3 and this is an important screening tool.




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